60ml Ripe Vapes Melon Freez E-liquid-3mg

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A flavor profile that's truly one in a melon, this Melon Freez Vape Juice offers a predominant flavor of ripe and succulent honeydew melon that's blended with a cool and frosty mint infusion to create one exceptionally delicious duo of cool and succulent flavors. Perfect for those who enjoy the sweet and mellow flavor of honeydew with a clean and frosty finish, Ripe Vape's Melon Freez Vape Juice is an ideal choice for those who enjoy sweet and frosty vapes that deliver more clarity than creaminess. If you've been searching for a well-balanced all-day-vape that doesn't compromise on flavor, then be sure to try this satisfying Melon Freez Vape Juice by Ripe Vapes today.

Brand: Ripe Vapes
Unit: 60ml/bottle
Base: 25%PG+75%VG
Flavor: Melon Freez
Strength: 0mg/3mg/6mg/12mg
Packaging: Childproof Plastic bottle in a paper box