60ml Ripe Vapes Strawberry Freez E-liquid-3mg

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Fresh, frosty, and bursting with the bright and sweet flavor of strawberry, this Strawberry Freez Vape Juice delivers the crisp and succulent flavor of hand-plucked strawberries served on ice in this sweet and refreshing flavor profile. Like biting into ripe strawberry covered in the early morning frost, Ripe Vapes' Strawberry Freez Vape Juice delivers a flavor profile that is equal parts bright and fruity, equal parts cool, minty, and refreshing. An ideal choice for those who enjoy succulent fruit flavors that are more clean than creamy, discover why so many choose Ripe Vapes' Strawberry Freez Vape Juice as their preferred all-day-vape when you try this crisp and refreshing flavor profile today.

Brand: Ripe Vapes
Unit: 60ml/bottle
Base: 25%PG+75%VG
Flavor: Strawberry Freez
Strength: 0mg/3mg/6mg/12mg
Packaging: Childproof Plastic bottle in a paper box